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Yobility changes

June 06, 2013
Respect the dumbbell, it will destroy you!

Respect the dumbbell, it will destroy you!

Friday 6/7/13
Front squat
5@80 2×3@85 2×2@90 2×1@95%
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 16 min:
3 muscle ups or 6 Parallette shoot throughs w/ pushup and dip
6 box facing burpees (30/24)
12 Alternating arm DB snatches (60/40)
*partners alternate rounds for the 15 min. So 1 person does 3/6/12 then your partner does 3/6/12 and so on until the clock runs out

Change to the yobility schedule. My bad for messing it up this week, sorry. This up coming week, 9th-15th, yobility will be Monday at 10:40 and Tuesday at 11:40. Then after that for the rest of the summer Naomi will be offering it every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:40am. Let us know if you have any questions 

Hog run this weekend! Its not too late to sign up, or have friends sign up. Its gonna be a blast, how can an event with stations named “mount doom” and the “gap of Rohan” not be a good time?! 10 bonus points if you know what those are in reference too. 

How CrossFtit embraces fans and became the next great spectator sport

8 ridiculous nutrition myths debunked 

This is horrible and awesome at the same time. Someone messed up

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