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Thats a lot of burpees

September 02, 2015


Congrats to Annabelle for cracking the top 10 at the Battle on Sunset with a 7th place finish!

Thursday 9/3/15

For time:
Front squat(185/135)
Shoulder to overhead (185/135)
rest 2 min
Front squat (185/135)
Shoulder to overhead (185/135)
*This is meant to be a “heavy sprint”. If you
W/ a partner
AMRAP 10 min:
2 Parallette HSPU(Greatest deficit possible)
2 Weighted pistols (Heaviest possible)
*You go I go style. I do 2 HSPU, you do 2 HSPU, I do 2 Pistols, you do 2 pistols

Well this does not look fun at all. Man attempts to set world record for burpees

The 7 second workout

Team series is coming up

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