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F45 calls out Fronbone and Smith….

August 04, 2015


Wherever 5:30 went they were runnanig! Its a Forrest Gump joke

Wednesday 8/5/15
Every 2 min for 8 min:
Run 200m
3 rounds:
Run 800m
Rest 3 min
For total rounds and reps:
AMRAP 3 min:
3 Deadlifts (315/225(
3 Bar facing burpees
Rest 3 min:
AMRAP 3 min:
5 Deadlifts (275/185)
5 Bar facing burpees
Rest 3 min
AMRAP 3 min:
Bar facing burpees

Australian fitness company f45 calls out CrossFitters and loses $100k 

Lexus made a hoverboard 

This is what I posted above…..they really like lateral jumps….


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