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2017 Team Dusty shirts

Regionals is coming up May 26 so that means team Dusty shirts are here. They will be available in mens tshirt style as well as womens tanks. Shirts are Next Level like we usually use. This one is extra strong as it is 60% mithril instead of just 50%, and the other 40% is Valyrian...

New 3/4 CFD baseball Ts

New gear time! 3/4 baseball Ts are here just in time for baseball season! Fit is similar to our normal t-shirt except it it a 3/4 sleeve instead of t-shirt length, and as usual its 50% Mithril. Order deadline will be Friday May 26th. Dont be THAT guy! Price is $30 per shirt CLICK...

Battle for bragging rights 2017

On May 13th we will be having our 4th battle for bragging rights! Compete against other members of the gym to determine who has bragging rights as fittest team in the gym! Teams can be made up of male/male female/female or male/female. Everyone is competing against every body!...

New sweatshirts and hats!!!

New gear is here! CFD sweatshirts and hats are up for pre order! Orders will be put in next Friday the 9th so don’t be THAT GUY and wait!!! Sweatshirts are the same as we usually use and are $50. Hats are NewEra flex fit, they come in small/medium or large/xl and are $35...

2016 CFD Holiday Party!!!!!

Its that time of year again!!! The CFD holiday party is coming up, December 17th at 7pm. Clear your calendars, be there or be square!  As usual we will be doing it potluck style. Bring your favorite paleo or non paleo dish to share with every one! CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO...

I heart CFD shirts

New CFD shirts and Tanks coming soon. Preorder today! Men have the option of t-shirts only. Women can order t-shirts, racerbacks, and or flowy tanks. We will have a couple samples if you want to try them on. As usual they are made of 39% lions wiskers, 27% polly cotton blend, 17%...

Pork bellies and frozen orange juice concentrate

He doesn't look like a farmer Saturday 9/3/16 “Nickman” 10 rounds for time: 200m farmers carry (55/35) (35/25) DB/KB in each hand 10 Weighted pullups (35/25) 10 Alt arm DB/KB snatch (55/35) *For the farmers walk you have a different weight KB/DB in each hand For the...

Helen Meets Grace – Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser 10/30/16

HELEN MEETS GRACE! This is our 4th year fundraising for Barbells for Boobs and we are excited about our new format this year! Rather than doing Grace again, this year we’ll be doing Helen Meets Grace. This is a partner workout, so grab a friend and come raise money for a...